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Distribute portable & secure digital awards and credentials.
Gain actionable data and insights.

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Increase the volume and
quality of your entries,
earn more revenue with
features designed for
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Deliver the right outcomes
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options and management
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Digital Awards & Credentials Made Easy

Complete Solution

Rapid Adoption

Open Architecture

The Complete Toolkit for
Managing Digital Credit

Full customizable tailored to each
Identify verification ensures credibility and authenticity
Institutional branding with Pro Plans keeps your identity front and center
One-click issuing to thousands of recipients
Automated award sharing for Trusted issuers
Share awards on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other sites.
Integrate Awardingly with your own platform
Evidence and testimonials substantiate achievements
Securely manage verified awards and credentials on a safe and scalable Enterprise infrastructure

Join Thousands of Issuers Making
Awards More Visible

Officially recognizing accomplishments with digital awards and credentials puts the reputation and brand of your organization to work for earners, providing them with a valuable form of capital that transforms their accomplishments into opportunities. It also provides your institution with a powerful measure of impact, and actionable data and insights to provide programs that matter to your audience. Awardingly tailors:

More Features
your community
and team will love

Custom Branding Extensively customize platform presentation with ease, to suit your program brand.

Social Sharing Built-in social sharing features encourage social sharing, increasing your program visibility online.

Sponsor Visibility Offer your program sponsors more value with high visibility opportunities across the whole program life cycle.

Feedback Provide Issuers feedback directly to eceivers with the click of a few check boxes.

Exports and Downloads Always have access to all your program data. Export and bulk download what you need, when you need it.

Season Archive Each new program season is a breeze to start. All past season award entries results are kept available in your online archive.

Powerful Configuration Control your program with direct access to powerful configuration options. Changes are easy as the click of a check box.

Role Management Course control over the roles and permissions of everybody that interacts with your program online.

Unlimited Uses, Entries, Files Grow your program without limits on how many users you can have, how many entries, or how much data you use.

Security, Privacy, Integrity All features are architected and implemented with best-practice security, privacy standards and protection of data

Integration API Developer API to integrate your program data with your other business systems

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