About Awardingly

  • Awardingly is a place to create and collect digital awards.
  • Awards on Awardingly recognize great accomplishments, skills,
    commitments and expertise.
  • People are proud to own the awards on Awardingly. They're proud to
    share them with friends and family and meet other accomplished
    achievement and award owners.
  • Awardingly awards grant owners’ recognition from friends, family,
    and businesses. Behind every great award is a story and a community of amazing people doing extraordinary things.

How It Works?

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    Someone accomplishes, commits to, or thinks up something amazing, achievement worthy and deserving of recognition.


    The award creator gives it a name and description, then uploads their designs or works with the Awardingly team to create beautiful and unique awards and credentials.


    The creator customizes how to distribute the award (i.e. invitation only, allowing owners to invite other owners, or requiring proof).


    People are invited to own or prove they’ve earned the awards. They share their awards and talk to other award owners, creating a community of shared experiences where each owner is recognized with a unique digital award.

Give and Earn awards where awards are due

Awardingly extends award-earning and award-giving out of its traditional realms into any setting where skills, knowledge, or contribution can and should be verified.

Award Earners:

  • Curate, manage, and showcase all of the awards you receive.
  • Invite people to your Awardingly profile to see your growing set of awards, credentials and so on.
  • Share your awards in places it matters most to you, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or your own blogs, portfolio or website.

Award Givers:

  • Distribute official digital awards and credentials to verify skills, accomplishments, competencies, professional certifications, licenses, course completions, involvement in events, programs and activities and much more.
  • Add testimonials and evidence to emphasize the meaning behind your digital awards.
  • Get valuable data and insights about where and how your digital awards are being used and seen.
Award Better

Award, recognize and empower people.

Strengthen loyalty

Boost and improve on commitments.

Improve Participations

Enrich and inspire people to get involve.

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